Dev Youngstown

We partner Youngstown's
most promising student software developers
with Youngstown's
most promising startups.

Our Goal

To give talented local student software developers the 1 year of paid experience they need to be qualified to work remotely from Youngstown, OH.

Our process


Projects are vetted and accepted on a rolling basis based on scope, student-friendliness, and project flexibility.


Accepted projects are assigned a Project Manager - a local senior software engineer who has years of experience building real-world software projects for companies of all sizes.


Our Project Manager helps you create a well-defined scope of work specifically designed to enable students to be able deliver meaningful value to you and your customers.


We then use our connections with local organizations such as Code Youngstown, YSU, and MCCTC to match your project students are ready to take their experience to the next level and are excited at the prospect of working on a project like yours.


Students execute the work transparently - expect weekly progress check-ins with your Project Manager and to have access to all outputs from day 1.



Dev Youngstown's Project Managers have scoped and built Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) for all kinds of startups.

Web Apps

Dev Youngstown specializes at bringing highly-interactive, mobile-friendly Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) to life.


All of Dev Youngstown's projects are well-documented, RESTful, secure, scalable, and built according to the 12 Factor methodology.

Our Technology Stack

We build using cutting edge technologies and a modern agile software development process.

What we don't do


We believe that brownfield projects (projects that already exist) require a Project Manager who deeply understands the existing project to effectively guide and get the most out of a student. Instead we suggest hiring an intern directly, which we are happy to help with!

Give companies direct access to students

The Project Manager plays the important role of keeping the project within a scope executable by the student, which is an important part of making sure the project output is something that you can deliver to your users.

Lock you in

Our projects are built to be built upon. Everything we deliver is well-documented and built using the most popular open source technologies on the market today.

Not pay our students

All of our students are paid fairly by the hour as 1099 contractors.

Our Team

Joe Duncko

Joe Duncko

Lead Project Manager

Engineering Manager @ BlastPoint, Co-organizer @ Code Youngstown, Entrepreneur in Residence @ YBI

Garrett Huggins

Garrett Huggins

Student Developer

Current student at YSU and member of the Dev Youngstown team.

Nicolas Ott

Nicolas Ott

Student Developer

Current student at YSU and member of the Dev Youngstown team.

Noah Diana

Noah Diana

Student Developer

Current student at MCCTC and member of the Dev Youngstown team.


Trong Ong

Trong Ong

A past Dev Youngstown team member that has graduated from YSU 2023

Our Friends

Want to work with us?

Due to high demand, we currently exclusively work with YBI Portfolio Companies through their EVOLVE program.

Projects and Interns are accepted on a per-semester basis.